Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Drown children: Shame on Nigerian Leaders, TVs, Bloggers. Etc.

Let me say that it didn't feel all good giving the above title to this post, but yet, I just couldn’t find a more suitable one for it. The photos you are looking at here are
primary school children, the conventional and paraded leaders of tomorrow who lost their lives on their way to school, because the only route to school is a locally and carelessly made wooden bridges, which eventually collapsed, leaving numbers of the so called leaders of tomorrow dead. Young and innocent children.
This, I must add that Nigeria, as Cbl’s Blog and other credible news networks in Nigeria has recently and rightly reported, is planning on building a gatehouse worth of 250 million naira for the vice president. Again, Nigeria has used 5.4 billion naira as reported by Vanguard, to prepare only but budget. Must I also put lastly that this same country has announced the projection and allocation of 40 millions naira to feed the wild lives in the presidential Villa? But in this same country, children are living in blatant penury and dying shamefully and disgustingly just for being citizens of a country as rich as theirs, but governed by people as heartless as only Satan himself can be.

Having said that,  this particular tragedy, and so many others alike continue to happen in this same country where there are billionaire bloggers, TVs stations, Newspapers and more so called news carriers. But the amazing thing is that this kind of things doesn't matter to them. No body reports it because the entire entity has slowly and steadily marched into a state where they now regconnize senseless tragedies as part of them. (A way of life). It's a shame. Yes, a shame indeed that when BBNAIJA posts a nude photo or clip of their house mates kissing and having sex, every single blog in Nigeria picks it up and hails it, promotes it and give its thousands and millions of views. But when this kind of things happens, they deem it insignificant and desist from writing a word about it. 
Indeed, I couldn’t have used a better title for this post. 
It’s a shame!

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