Thursday, 23 March 2017

President Buhari's real return - why argue?

For a long time now people have asked why Cbl's Blog never came up with any news about the President while away and even after he came back. The fact is that the controversies that embraced the President's medical leave could make a
courageous and trust worthy journalist or even news network to unintentionally falter. We knew there were lies and cover-ups which was extracted from the original truth about president Buhari's travel and return but the truth is that he came back to Nigeria and is acting as president currently. Cameras though can be altered but can't lie. What we did was that we took the time not to rush into the trending yeses and nos of that time about the whole thing which of course was congested with lies and incredibilities, but we waited to extract the real thing that needed to be heard by the people. Because Cbl’s Blog wasn’t presents at the time of the president’s arrival at the Kaduna Air port, we had to get the video clip of the event from other sources. But the truth guiding why we haven’t written about it since is that a lot of clips emanated; some claiming the president’s “home coming” was an organized fabrication, something claiming that the President was stretched out from plane and yet another some saying he came back with foreign doctors for emergency. All these, we have seen in suspicious clips. That’s why we continued our research and finally concluded. “The truth is not always far from us. It just depends on how ready we are to get to it.” We have been able to segregate the real and truer videos from the fake and altered videos from the scene of Mr. president's arrival from London from his extended medical leave. Now here it is - No. 1 thing we have confirmed is that the President wasn't stretched out of the ✈ plane ✈. Secondly he wasn't drifted or dispossessed by the air while walking. And thirdly he did not come back to Nigeria with any foreign doctor or medical staff. All these are the alteration done to the video that has been paraded and shown to the public. Today, we tell you the truth because that's our job - all of us at Cbl's Blog. #We Don't Lie Here. And that is why we are “THE BEST EASTERN BLOG” In Nigeria. We don’t write for anybody or in anybody’s interest.
President Buhari is not directly or indirectly still in London. It doesn't matter whether we like it or not, the President is back. 
Watch the following video and see for yourself if there is anything unnatural about it.

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No To #Fake News.

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