Friday, 10 March 2017

Sachet water (pure-water) now 20 naira.

A Cbl’s Blog reader from Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri, on Friday the 3rd of March 2017 reported to us that pure-water is now being sold for 20 naira for one sachet and 30naira for two somewhere in the school premises. 
The woman who
happened to be the only shop owner at the school’s Microfinance Bank excused the conclusions by the murmuring students that the high price for the sachet water is guided by her own greed but maintained that having paid not only for the water which wasn’t cheap on her side, she also had to pay for its transportation to the desired location, and also pay for the space she occupied at the bank.

Another factor that could have made the woman’s claim more plausible was if the water being sold was cold. But no, that wasn’t the case. The revers was. She never bothered to use either freezer or ice block for cooling to at least have the water meet the thirst of her costumers. So despite the hot, hash and scorching sun the helpless students had to spend hours under, whiling waiting on a queue of hundreds due to ill network, unserious staff and slow procedures to pay for one fee or another, they still pay more than they should for a sachet of water that is as warm as their own skin surviving the sun. I haven’t heard or seen a more severe punishment. 
Please if you are reading this post, ask yourself; what can you do to help the life of youths in your society? Well,  you can. How? You can by telling us what students are going through in your area and helps us report more relevant topics as a contribution to alleviating the long lasted penury endured by youth and students.
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